Fasting 101

I absolutely LOVE fasting! I don't know about you all but I get tired of chewing all the time--so every few months I go on a liquid fast. During this period, I'm consuming plenty of sunlight, fresh juices, smoothies, herbal teas & of course a gallon of h2o daily. Our digestive systems work so hard around the clock and deserves a vacation. Stick around & I'll tell you about my v first experience on a liquid fast. Now, while fasting, it is important that you get plenty of sunlight, drink plenty of water & load your body with cell food. Let's jump into it. 


Light Activated Wellness!

The sun gives us the great Vitamin D that helps us fight off numerous amounts of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, strokes & birth defects, to name a few. Just being out in the sun for a few hours a day can prevent CRD or circadian rhythm disorder. It's important that we are in the sun as much as possible when we aren't at work under fluorescent lights & sitting in front of the computer, those alone drain the life from us. CRD causes fatigue, weight issues, depression, PMS, & weakens your immune system. Circadian rhythms are the natural cycles in our bodies that control serotonin levels, appetite, libido, & energy. The sun resets our internal clock & brings balance back in the body.


No Ashy Insides!!!!

If you've been following me for the past year you already know where this is going! For those of you that don't? Welcome! You should be consuming a gallon of natural spring (Crystal Geyser, not Deer Park) or alkaline water a day. Water is cleansing, acts as a carrier of vital nutrients, it hydrates/lubricates your insides & regulates your body temp. Let's get into these toxins. So, your liver secretes 1 liter of bile, the pancreas secretes 1.5 liters of digestive juice that has enzymes that break down lipids, proteins & carbs, right? That's 1.5 qts. needed just for those two organs. Add in the water needed for maintaining a healthy viscosity & you have the 2.5 qts you'll need. Sluggish blood will create a domino effect of diseases in your body (mass inflammation). And dry skin, honey, nobody wants that!


Fasting Herbs

Now, while you are fasting it's important you still supply your body with proper nutrients. My go to herbs are sea moss & bladderwrack. These two combined give you the 102 vitamins & minerals your body needs to function. These sea veggies soothe the digestive track, stimulates the thyroids, rich in iodine, iron, potassium & calcium. SM/BW keeps you full and helps fight off cravings. Slide over to Sacred Rootz for that Purple Haze, too! 


My First Fast

The very first time I fasted, it lasted for about 2 months. During the time I was working 2 kitchen jobs--getting up at 5am & getting home after 11pm. I felt amazing I had the most energy, I was focused, skin was poppin', body right, the whole 9! During this period was when Eternal Juices was born. I mean, that's really it. I made yall read everything else just to get to this short story. Love yall, talk soon. 

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